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Saving lives - MAking Change  

In 2017 Founder of Blood is Blood - Jordan Moll's efforts caught the attention of the Old Dominion girls of Leather (ODgoL) , a local social club in Hampton Roads Virginia, founded in October 2017 who endeavours to give back to the community.  ODgoL is a co-host along with the LGBT Life Center.  Event organizers are asking the Hampton Roads community to come out and donate in place of friends and family who are ineligible.


Susan Clinton, Vice President of ODgoL also noted that a bisexual female who has had sex with a bisexual male would also be ineligible to donate blood and is encouraging those currently eligible to come to donate blood on July 28, “Bring someone that can donate in your place.”  She added that “they’re not going to stop us from donating blood.”


Additionally, at both Blood is Blood events, the hosts raised awareness of the issue as July is “Blood Donation Month” and currently, at a time the nation’s blood supply is dangerously low.  According to the Red Cross, one pint of blood can save three lives, which makes the current 12 moth deferment guidance for sexually active gay/bisexual men from being donors a barrier from keeping the blood supply at safe levels.


The Old Dominion Girls of Leather brought Jordan to Virginia Beach to share his story at the Blood Drive on July 28th,2018.