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We are dedicating this years Buffalo, NY "Blood is Blood" Blood Drive to Margaret Vigrass, the mother and huge supporter of Blood is Blood Founder Jordan Moll.

Margaret was a huge supporter of the Blood is Blood Movement, her son Jordan Moll started in 2014.
Margaret believed whole heartily that the current blood donation policies that Gay & Bi-sexual men are subjected to were outdated and cruel and knew that Jordan just wanted to help those in need.
Margaret passed away after a massive heart attack and a 2 week stay in the ICU from a Cerebral Hemorrhage the Vigrass family knew she at that point was a perfect candidate for organ and tissue donation and acted quickly. Margaret was able to help countless burn victims and give the Gift of Sight to 2 people!

*Formerly know as the Gay Alliance Blood Drive*

On July 24th, 201 we will be holding our 4th annual Blood is Blood Blood Drive in Buffalo, NY









The year is 2019, and there is still a ban on blood donations from gay and bisexual men and their partners (male, female, and non binary). Hundreds of people are turned away and are being asked to abstain from intimacy with their significant others.

For a whole year.

Even if they have tested NEGATIVE for HIV.

Please join the Old Dominion girls of Leather July 27, 2019 between 10:30am and 3pm to help us save lives and change this arbitrary policy. If you are ineligible to donate blood because of your sexual orientation, please bring a friend to donate in your place. Then sign the Blood is Blood petition to let our government officials know that regulating sex practices is unfair and despotic.

Everyone should be given the opportunity to save a life.

Blood is Blood founder, Jordan Moll will be present to tell his story about his year journey of abstinence.

For more information about Blood is Blood and the ban on gay blood, please visit